Multi-genre festival of the art symposium - Vrbovce (Slovakia)

This festival is resulting from the international art symposium, which takes place in summer in White Carpathians on the boarders between Slovakia and Czech Republic in the village named Vrbovce. The year 2018 the programme hosted the professional visual artists Erika Miklosova (Slovakia), Anna Sypenova (Czech Republic), Michael Prandsteatter (Austria), Zane Tuca (Latvia), Natalia Albeniz (Spain) and musicians Nicole Zaray Meter (USA), Chloe Knibbs (UK) , Alakesh Dutta (India).

The main aim of the art symposium is to reflect the local folklore of the Vrbovce region in contemporary art practice and promote it abroad through the art works and music compositions of young artists who came to learn more about specific features of the region and its folklore and to gather inspiration by the place during the two weeks art symposium programme.

The final festival of the symposium offer a platform for cultural exchange and interaction between artists and visitors of festival. In the festival the visitors could enjoy the music composed during symposium as well as enjoy local folklore heligon players. The exhibition of art works from visual artists was installed in the venue and visitors could join the creative painting on a really big canvas (150 square meter). The central motive of the large painting was togetherness and joint effort of people which can create big art work. The painters, children art enthusiasts and random visitors, all were participating in the large art piece.

Art symposium was organised by PPIAC, Slovensko in collaboration with Vrbovce Municipality, Vrbovce Lutheran Church and the partners as Myjava Town, Chemolak, Arved a Bigmedia.