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Who we are?

Picasso Pupils is an art society with the branch in India and in Slovakia whose main mission is to provide a platform for cultural exchange. The main aim is to use art as a language between diverse cultures. The organization arranges art residency programmes, exhibitions and educational activities in India and in Slovakia which share the ideas of togetherness between diverse cultures, preservation of traditional and contemporary art and spread the art education and social awareness through art.

What we do?

The organization concentrates on bridging  resource persons of various fields and innovative creative projects which support creativity, social and ecological awareness and  thinking out of the box.

Our activities focus on cultural exchange, working with international cultural professionals, artists and creative persons in the field of visual art, music, education and our community extends its portfolio in promoting green creative projects as well.

The organization conducts art residencies, symposiums, exhibitions and educational activities in India and in Slovakia to share the ideas of togetherness through art. We focus on preservation of traditional art, creating the platform to promote contemporary art and spread creative education. Our projects are always considering the ecological footprint and promoting  anti-pollution habits and ecological awareness.


You can see our executed projects here

Where you can reach us?

Please write us if you are interested in collaboration or any other information here.

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