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 Artists' Point 2019    

International art residency in Mehgalaya took a place for its 4th consecutive year in rural Meghalaya in the month of October 2019 . Art Professionals form different parts of world -Thlana Bazik from Mizoram(IND), Andrew Smith from Wales(UK), Imtiaj Islam form Bangladesh, Cristina Megia form Spain, Christophe Riva form Japan/France took a part in one month programme at Hot Spring Resort near Mawkyrwat in South West Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. Numerous creative workshops designed jointly with organizers and resource art professionals were build on basis of innovative way of thinking emphesized on the importance of natural resources and preservation of environment and local folklore. A Special art training programme focusing on Art Tourism for the young talented Artists of Meghalaya took place on 18th Oct,2019 at Hot Spring resort. In this workshop the emerging young talents from Meghalaya could work on portrait and landscape paintings under the guidance of participating international aritists.

The activities of Artists' Point 2019 resulted in final exhibition at Mawkyrwat, South-west Khasi Hills named Jingkieng what means in local Khasi language the bridge, connection. The exhibition showcased paitnings created by International Resource Art Professionals during their one month stay in South-West Khasi Hills but also the results of the workshops which involved more than 400 school children and youth including the children form orphanage and differently abled youth.


The programme Artists Point was organized by Picasso Pupils An Art Society, hosted by Shillong Public School, supported by State Education Mission Authority of Meghalaya, (SEMAM - SSA) in collaboration with Department of Tourism and with the Partnership of Embassy of the Slovak Republic in New Delhi under the patronage of DC Office, South West Khasi Hills of Meghalaya.

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