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This project aims to maximize the educational value of the school space by using the school  building structures (doors, stairs, floors, ceilings) as teaching instruments in such a way making easier and more interactive the learning process. Abstract concepts are explained by using concrete structures of different dimensions, textures and shapes, allowing the children to learn with more participation and enthusiasm.

Frist Model project for Meghalaya, was executed in Shillong Public School, which is situated in front of the Education Department office of the State. Project involved Students and teachers who participated on educational paintings and designs under the mentorship of artists from Meghalaya and abroad. Children of the Shillong Public School transformed corridors to the pleasant and representative space, with the world map and specifics of various regions depicted on the map. The sitting place, new notice board and the walls were painted with the motivational message. Stair cases were used for multiplication table and the numbers were also painted by students from the higher class for the frist class student on the big canvas.

Facade of the school building has been decorated with the painting of a train, which carries all the world famous scientist and personalities, which are from India. In the exterior the playground sea sore and swings were reconstructed and accompanied by educational painting from subject of Physics.

 Educative Schools   

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