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 Kopanice bez Hranice 2021   

Festival Kopanice bez hranice took place for its 3rd time in White Carpathians on the borders between Slovakia and Czech Republic in the village named Vrbovce. The main aim of the festival is to bring contemporary art to the rural areas and sensitively work with the topic of togetherness between young and old generations between rural and urban relationships and finding the common language via art.


The Festival presented art works of artists, Natalia Albeniz (ES) Peter Decheť (SK) Jozef Fugger (SK) Kristína Kandriková (SK) Kateřina Pěkná (CZ) Laila Seidel (DE) Anna Sypěnová (CZ) Zane Tuča (LV) Michael Prandstätter (AU) who were participating in art symposiums in 2018 and 2019 in Vrbovce and who has reflected the Vrbovce region by their eyes. 

Kristína Kandirková presented the installation which was inspired by her night expeditions to the forests of Slovakia. The art installations were accompanied by the exhibition of the photograpies of the previous festivals and symposiums captured by the photographers Keti Dodi and  Pavol Vandelia.


Headliner of the festival was the band Vrbovski Vitazi, who performed their Industrial Folklore. Richard Havel , Graeme Mark Donaldson, Alakesh Dutta and friends have entertained the crowd with their own music compositions. The Kopanice bez hranice 2021 has also brought the attention of the youngest visitors by the interactive theatre group Zahoracke Divadlo, along with many workshops conducted by various artists and artisans. 


Festival was organised by PPIAC, Slovensko, sponsored by SPP, and ZSE in collaboration with Vrbovce Municipality, Vrbovce Lutheran Church Vrboce  and Chemolak

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