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 Kopanice bez Hranice 2022  

Main aim of the project is to bring contemporary art to the rural area of white Carpathians in the village of Vrbovce. Festival Kopanice bez Hranice creates a platform for dialogue between professional artists and local traditional artists, with the aim of creatively connecting them. The project is interested in finding a link between the indigenous population and the newly arrived population, between the younger and older generations. ​

At the festival, artists such as Katya Buchatska from Ukraine, Jan Pražan from the Czech Republic Lucia Fabová, Viliam Slaminka, Jozef Fugger, Lucia Černeková from Slovakia were represented by the Site-Specific Exhibition. The exhibition was focused on the topic - Contemporary Humanism correlating it with the context of current events in Slovakia. The exhibiting artists offered different perspectives on human relations and perception of the world and of oneself as a person. Site specific installation focused relationship between humans as an ability that is subconsciously drawn in everyone's mind, but at the same time it can be easily undermined at the time of experiencing difficult life situations that many people have experienced recently.


Another activity was an exhibition of amateur local painters from the border region on the theme "Landscampe". Jaroslav Hargaš, Katarína Lackovičová Súkupová, Marian Madluška, Milan Borsuk, Pavol Vrablica, Viktor Vdoviak provided their paintings for the exhibition, which were themed to the landscape that unites these artists. The exhibited works thus created an image of the environment with which the artists identify, which inspires them and subconsciously affects their work.


Festivals main attraction were invited bands of contemporary music from the Slovakia, Moravia region and India namely:  Peter Luha, Vŕbovské Vŕby, Flying Fish, Alakesh Dutta, Richard Havel, Hrozenband and an author's reading by Branislav Jobus. The musicians presented their original compositions and made pleasant atmosphere of the festival. ​

Workshops and activities for youth were organized  in collaboration with artists from the symposium and local artists.

Exhibiting artists has prepared a free sculpture workshop with Jozef Fugger and Action Botique with William Slaminka. Action Boutique is a participatory project addressing the viewer with a challenge to create a temporary installation from diverse clothing using nails and a hammer. The installation reflected a story co-created by the festival visitors participating in the installation. The Free Sculptures workshop, in addition to its playfulness and aesthetics, brought a moment of subconscious coordination of people in the creation of a participatory image by festival visitors. ​

Visitors had opportunity to attend stone painting with pedagogist Monika Golisová , learn more about the trees and plants from the area with Danka Ševčíková, the founder of OZ Johanka Hrebendová Bóriková. And Visitors has a great opportunity to be a part in weaving of one joint basket led by local wand maker Miroslav Mareček. Katka Bratová and Ivka Mikulášová Fabiščová have organized a horse riding for the youngest visitors of the festival.


​ The diverse program of the final festival brought enlightenment to the region and opened up new opportunity for cultural enjoyment connected with the education of the youth and spreading awareness of contemporary topics.

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