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Artists‘ Point at Winter Tales

Walking in pristine untouched nature and discovering hidden beauty of a village may be in future only a past memory. International art residency programme called Artists' Point invites professional artists to capture, document and find inspiration in the atmosphere of the rural Meghalaya and encourage them to share their viewpoints from outside the commonly known image.

The art residency is organized by Picasso Pupils an Art society from 2016 in North-East India. Main focus of the project is to create a platform for dialogue between diverse cultures, spread the creative approach in educating youth and share awareness on preservation of the natural environment and cultural heritage of rural areas.

All the activities of the one month programme are creating the connection between professional International artists and emerging young talents of Meghalaya, between knowledge and innovation, between development and preservation while walking on the bridge of togetherness.

Andrew Smith (United Kingdom)

Barbora Chlastakova (Czech Republic)

Bazik Thlana (Mizoram, India)

Cristina Megia (Spain)

Christophe Riva (France/Japan)

Eliska Fialova (Czech Republic)

Jana Bednarova (Slovakia)

Jan Prazan (Czech Republic)

Katerina Pekna (Czech Republic)

Katya Buchatska (Ukraine)

Kaoru Shibuta (Japan)

Kristina Kandrikova (Slovakia)

Lasse Mouritzen (Denmark)

Moni Maji (Bangladesh)

Zsofia Hajdu (Hungary)

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